Avoiding Fragmentation

Just understanding that there might be differences in crisis management models, terminologies, risk assessments, and approaches is not enough to make collaboration possible. Knowing about differences, in fact, can increase silo-ing. What is needed is a greater understanding of how differences come to be and how they matter, and how they might support approaches that are greater than the sum of their parts. Not all differences in interpretation lead to misunderstandings. Indeed often different perspectives are necessary to address risks in an effective and circumspect way.

Guiding Questions

What ways are there to accommodate differences into the collaboration?
How and when might they become a source of troubles?
How do you make one-way communication difficult so that the CIS does not become, by default, a space for the dissemination of information, but rather becomes a space of dialog, negotiation, clarification, and discussion?
How do you make visible what types of expertise could be beneficial and why, in a given situation?

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